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“In 2009, (after years of practicing old-school marketing with print advertising and other mediums, then progressing further into the late 90’s with online market research and email marketing) I stepped into website development by chance while fulfilling my duties in a marketing role for a previous employer.

I was excited for the new opportunity, but not sure of my abilities. Nonetheless, I threw myself into the project. No written material about the company was given to me, so I began going through the office looking for any information about the business I could find. I found a few pamphlets and letters about the company. After that, I did online research about the industry and competitors and accomplished a very promising website. My employer was pleasantly surprised with the results and I thoroughly enjoyed the project. From that point on I turned my entire focus to web writing and site development.

Not long after finishing my first website, I decided to take my chances and began my own web marketing company, I started writing articles and blogs for various online publishers and created webpage content for small businesses for a small fee to help build a portfolio for myself. I quickly started to realize the need for optimizing web content with rich keywords and phrases to attract search engine spiders organically without losing quality content for live visitors. I diligently searched for information on search engine optimization and studied whatever I could find on the topic.

Eventually, I evolveDigital Marketing Services in South Floridad further with my skills and began managing and helping to build sites in WordPress, as well as directing the structure of websites and building backlinks for the best possible organic optimization and building and managing social media profiles. The entire process of SEO became my passion. And the fact that I could do something I love, while simultaneously helping small businesses to grow and make lives better for them and their families, made my whole world a better place!

At PegDip Web Marketing, we believe creating healthy websites and practicing SEO requires knowledge, experience and a great amount of work for each and every client we service. And our number one priority is doing high-quality work” and helping the businesses who depend on us to truly generate an increase online traffic.”

Peggy DiPirroFounder & President


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