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SEO is the combination of several techniques, but all with the primary goal to pull the best qualified traffic organically (without paying for it). A website should be written and structured to be easily and carefully indexed by the bots (search engine robots), but also pleasing and informative for the human visitor.

The task of developing websites for search marketing is not a simple process as it was in the beginning when the Net was just getting its feet wet back in the 90’s or even the past decade. In the early stages of the game, only a handful of competitors (if any) would be online and the fact that a company had a website at all (5 pages max) gave them a bit of leverage.  It seems within the past 5 years, the Internet has taken huge strides towards advancement. Google has tightened up their algorithms and educated their robots to actually read full sentences – not just keywords.

Getting to the top of Google

The Worldwide Web in 2016

If you thought competing with your rivals online has been tough this year, you will have to accept the fact that next year (and every year after) will become only tougher. More and more businesses are realizing they MUST get online. That means there will be less domains available (increasing the cost to purchase or find one). You will see increased cost on media buys and pay-per-click ads and probably receive less traffic for your money than before.  Google and the other search engines will continue to make achieving organic SEO optimization for websites more difficult and the competition will only increase as the population increases; jobs decrease and small business are created in order for families to survive.

How Do I Know Who To Trust For SEO?

Today, there are countless internet marketing companies and freelance SEO consultants claiming they know how to get your website ranking on top of the search engines. Unfortunately, it seems too often small companies with limited budgets find out the consultant or agency lacked the knowledge promised after hundreds or thousands of dollars have been spent.

South Florida SEO

Can I Get My Website Ranking on the First Page of Google?

Here at PegDip Web Marketing, we never make promises we can’t keep, such as “We will get you to the first page of Google”. What we WILL guarantee is that you will begin receiving more qualified traffic to your website shortly after we begin working on your project. More qualified traffic will eventually lead to more sales. Typically, a company will start noticing positive changes taking effect on their Google Analytics’ reports within the first month.

Initially, the number of visits may actually decrease because with a well optimized web page, unqualified prospects will lessen. However, with more QUALIFIED prospects visiting your site, you will notice the Average Duration of visits (i.e. the time someone spends reviewing a web page) will increase and Bounce Rates (i.e. visitors quickly leaving a page) will also improve. This will in turn increase your website’s page ranking – another important factor for improving a website’s ability to “get to the top of the search engines”

PegDip is a small local SEO company in South Florida, but we operate with integrity and several years of experience helping small business owners to turn their websites into money making machines. To find out more about how we can help your business, give us a call at 561-247-2605 or simply contact us here online.