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5 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in SEO

SEO Services for Businesses

Why SEO?

There are limitless marketing mediums available for businesses today. In addition to traditional advertising options (i.e. print, radio and television), now there are also the wonderful resources available online. Companies can choose to purchase media buys, pay-per-click (aka: “PPC”) campaigns, social media ads and boosts, etc. With so many mediums, many smaller businesses find themselves overwhelmed and uncertain of which resources are best to promote their products and/or services. Small business budgets tend to be less disposable than larger and more established businesses, so it’s important that whichever advertising mediums they select will pay for themselves by generating sales.


Online Vs Traditional Advertising

After spending many years working in the marketing industry and helping businesses with print advertising, once I began working with online marketing, it was clear to me how optimizing websites generate better leads than any other marketing tool. Therefore, after discovering SEO, all of my focus immediately was redirected towards organic optimization. As it was clear that the first step in promoting a business today begins with their website.

A website for a business is now the most important aspect in most (if not all) of all marketing campaigns. A website may even be considered more important than a telephone number today. Unlike a simple phone number, a website provides (or should provide) practically all of the information a prospect needs in order to make a decision of whether or not to do business with the company 24/7. By the time a prospect makes the call or submits their online request, it is common the prospect will have already decided to do business with you.


Does a Business Really Need a Website?

Some businesses have excluded using a website and completely rely on their social media profiles for the online presence. This is understandable for a new business just starting out as finances are often more restricted. However, without a website, a business is missing out on the opportunity to pull in prospects naturally. Social media does provide a great source for networking, but it will not pull in the same type of organic traffic. It’s still important to have a well-structured website as a home base for organic optimization and to provide a non-stop, convenient way to display information about your business. 

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

The primary objective with search engine optimization (aka: “SEO”) is to create a breadcrumb like structure within a site’s content, so prospects will find exactly what they are looking for when they first get to a website.  Organic optimization includes many efforts within the design and structure of the site, including (but not limited) to written content, photos, graphics and videos. Once a website has an adequate amount of what I call “meat and potatoes” (aka: keyword and phrase content, tagged images, etc.), it is then necessary to begin establishing “backlinks” to and from the website. Think of backlinks as pathways (roads) connecting a website to other “places” in cyberspace. These “places” include other websites, directories, social media platforms, etc.


5 Reasons Web Development & SEO Should Be Priority One for Marketing Your Business

  1. Highly Qualified Leads – There is no better way to pull in qualified prospects than with organic optimization. When a website is built with well researched keywords and phrases and includes well written information, each page (based on a specific theme) will pull in prospects like a magnet. When the prospect submits an online keyword search on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines, your well-planned web page should guide them to the exact page which matches their search query.
  2. Non-Stop Promotion – Unlike a sales team or scheduled advertising medium (i.e. newspaper ads, radio and television spots), a well optimized website will continue pulling in quality prospects 24/7 long term. After a site has been carefully built with plenty of content to include a healthy inventory of keywords and phrases and the SEO techniques have been carefully implemented (as mentioned above), your website will continue working for you night and day for years to come. Nonetheless, it’s important to continue efforts on social media, updating the website regulary, adding articles and blogs and continuing to add backlinks.
  3. Better Return on Investment (ROI) – Unlike costly pay-per-click, social media advertising, media buys and other paid advertising mediums, organic search engine optimization has no limits on ad placement, works for you 24/7 – 365 days per year and will generate more revenue than most other advertising mediums with less of an initial investment. 
  4. Demonstrates Professionalism – A well-built website will not only generate consistent traffic and more qualified prospects, but it also demonstrates what a company is about, the product or service they offer and keeps information available non-stop. A prospect can learn about your business and contact you at their convenience.
  5. Stability – An effective long term marketing plan provides the ability for business owners to focus more on what they do best and less on generating new business. When you have confidence in the stability of your marketing efforts, your business thrives and everything else seems to flow more easily. There’s nothing better than feeling confident about your business and your future.

Getting to Page One on Google

The success of a company’s SEO campaign will vary based upon the type of industry, the amount of competitors who are also using SEO and the company’s target demographic(s). Obviously, a unique product or service with little competition will most often generate more organic leads than a popular product or service. Therefore, measuring your success with organic optimization should not be measured as much by online keyword ranking (aka: “getting to page one on Google”). Rather, the best way to know if SEO is working for your business is by receiving more consistent and qualified online visits, but more importantly, increased sales

Don’t waste any more time investing in other forms of marketing until you get your site optimized first! To find more about organic optimization for your business website, or if you have questions, please visit or simply call 561-247-2605.

Written by Peggy Dipirro, President & SEO Specialist at PegDip Web Marketing, Inc in Boca Raton, Florida

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