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Freelancers Vs “Know-It-All” Clients

When SEO Client’s Use Compensation as a Weapon

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Working as a freelance digital marketing person (like everything else) has its ups and downs. However, one of the most frustrating parts is when you trusted a client to pay you after the work’s done and they decide they’re not going to for one reason or another. And the more time that has been invested into a project without being paid, the more the frustration becomes a problem.

When the Client Knows SEO and Expects the Strategist to Do it THEIR Way

As an SEO freelancer, another problem exists, which sometimes is the reason for not getting paid. The client believes he or she is already an expert in the practice of SEO and wants to drive the ship. Although, as an SEO consultant, it’s your job as a consultant, to help steer the digital marketing in the right direction so a website and marketing initiatives will bring in not just MORE traffic, but QUALIFIED traffic. This is where the SEO person gets stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can either go along with the client’s online marketing practices that you know are not at the level they need to be, or speak up and demand the marketing techniques you know have been successful with in the past will be used to truly improve the client’s SALES.

The question that always comes to my mind in this situation is, “If you know how to do SEO, why am I here? If you’re online marketing techniques are working – then you don’t need me.”

I’ve been working in the digital marketing industry since 1998, but have been practicing search engine optimization and web content development for SEO for 7 years now (and notice I used the word “practicing”? This is because SEO is always changing and much of it is learned by trial and error – I don’t care what anyone says). Fortunately, I’ve only come into this type of situation (client becoming an SEO obstacle) a few times now. Nonetheless, the business of SEO is extremely important to me. It’s my passion (I guess you could say). It’s not just a job. It becomes a game. If I can’t win – I don’t want to play. And that is the attitude a business owner should want from all of his marketing and sales people.

I’m interested to hear from other SEO Strategists on this subject.

– Peggy DiPirro, South Florida SEO Strategist


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