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What’s Really Important in Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing has gone through many changes over the twelve years since I first began dabbling in it back in the late 90’s. Websites were just beginning to become noticed as a business marketing tool, so if a company invested in a website, it did not require much. You hired one web designer to build it, fill the content and maintain it (once in a blue moon).

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In today’s world, hiring one person to build a website prepared for battle online is unheard of. Building an effective website requires a team effort to include (at a minimum) a web designer and content developer. These are both big jobs and require professionals with experience in building an optimized website.

What is involved in building an “SEO friendly website”?

  1. Website Content

You have probably heard it often “Content is King”. If you’ve been uncertain as to whether or not this statement is true, I can help to assure you – it is indeed. When a site is equipped with keyword rich and well structured, written content; properly tagged photos and videos and other important details, the website will pull in qualified leads organically (without having to invest in pay-per-click ads or other paid mediums). It’s also important to continually add new pages and modify existing pages to keep your website “fresh”. The search engines appreciate a regularly updated site.

  1. Backlink Building

Developing a powerful website is the first step (and one of the most important) in search engine optimization. However, it is also important to get your domain out there! Listing your company and URL with online directories and other listing opportunities will help to create pathways (roads) to your site. When you refer to your Google Analytics account under “Acquistion”, then “All Traffic” click on “Channels” and you will see these links referred to as “Referrals”.  This is another part of SEO and will help generate website traffic organically.

  1. Social Media

 “Will social media really help to increase website traffic and sales?” This is a question that arises often. My answer is, “The effectiveness of social media for a business strongly depends on a few different factors:

  1. The type of the business
  2. The quality (and relevancy) of original content used on social media profiles
  3. Targeting Demographics
    1. Is your target market using social media?
    2. Are you using the social media platforms targeting your preferred prospects (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)?
  4. Time and Effort
    • How much time are you investing on social media
    • Are you interacting with your followers?
    • Are you sharing other people’s posts?
    • Are you posting your own original content?

“What you get out of social media” has everything to do with “what you put into it”. It’s very similar to the old fashion “knocking on doors” sales approach. Another benefit of investing in social media, (especially when creating original blogs and videos to post) when other people post your articles or blogs on their own web page, there is a chance to establish another backlink (a very strong backlink). This will also show up as a “Referral” under Acquistion on Google Analytics.

  1. Article & Press Release Promotion

There are a number of paid publishing services online, such as PR Web and Vocus. This is another great way to establish backlinks when including your URL somewhere within the article. You can also use these same articles to post on your social media profiles.

How to Know if You’re Dealing with a Quality Internet Marketing Service

If you are shopping around for an SEO company or digital marketing service to help increase qualified website traffic, be sure to find out what their methods of search engine optimization involve. There are many so called “seo experts” offering these services. However, not all professionals have the same strategy in mind. If they are not mentioning any of these above tasks within their online strategy, it is in your best interest to continue looking elsewhere until you find someone who does. If negative techniques are used (aka: “blackhat SEO”), you could be endangering your online presence and quite possibly risking your website being completely alienated (blacklisted) from Google and other search engines. Do yourself a favor and “do it right the first time”.

This article was written by Peggy DiPirro with PegDip Web Marketing, Inc. 




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