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3 Important Twitter Tips for Businesses

I LOVE Twitter!

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It’s an excellent online tool to help businesses get their message out and brand their name.

I can’t even say that I’m an expert at it because every day I’m discovering new ways to use it.


There are 3 things on Twitter that really annoy me:

  1. TONE IT DOWN! Peeps that send out tweet after tweet after tweet. We’re talking, “I can’t even find something interesting to read other than one peeps tweets for about five minutes!” THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY! And it’s rude. GIVE IT A BREAK! We know you’re there. But what we really need you to do is pass on our information. We want to see what you have to say, but we also want to see what the other peeps have to say. Try to keep it to one tweet per half hour.
  2. STOP REPEATING YOURSELF! Retweeting the same tweet over and over is almost like vertigo! Why would I want to follow someone who does nothing but repeats the same thing repeatedly?
  3. LISTEN AND SHARE! One of the greatest assets on Twitter is the resource of passing on information. As a matter of fact, I see Twitter’s primary objective as just that. It’s also one of the most universal of all social media platforms. Because of its fast rhythmic approach, it can be used to let peeps know about your other social media platforms. Don’t limit yourself on Twitter by just tweeting – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ENTIRE PLATFORM!


Written by Peggy Dipirro at PegDip Web Marketing, Inc in South Florida.


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